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Becky Wigemyr’s Cowboy Cody book series is written specifically for the countless children who dream of riding, roping and rodeo. Becky knows what she’s writing about because she, too, was raised a rodeo kid. For Becky and her siblings, rodeo was just a part of everyday life. Her parents raised their children in a sport that is rich in tradition and history, family values and hard work. Rodeo is rooted in respect and value for the animals who are partners with the cowboys and cowgirls who love them.

A part-appaloosa pony named Dusty carried Becky in her first rodeo in the barrel racing when she was just six years old. Dusty was the first in a long line of amazing horses Becky has had the privilege of partnering with during her life.

Becky is married to two-time Canadian Professional Rodeo Team Roping Champion Dwight Wigemyr, one of Canada’s most talented and decorated team ropers. Like their parents, Becky and Dwight’s sons Denton and Devin grew up on the rodeo trail, travelling across Canada and the U.S., the young Wigemyr boys, rode horses, sheep, and wild ponies and roped the dummy endlessly with their friends. Today, both boys continue the family tradition in rodeo.

Literacy was always a priority in the Wigemyr home, and reading was part of the daily routine. However, Becky found it challenging to find children’s books that authentically reflected the rodeo lifestyle through words and pictures. That was enough to plant the seed for Becky to combine her lifelong love writing with the need to bring a neglected genre in children’s literature to the market. That is how the Cowboy Cody series was born.

Cowboy Cody epitomizes the cowboy spirit, with themes of hard work and old-fashioned ‘cowboy-grit.’ These stories will spur young readers to saddle up, rope their dreams and always enjoy that victory lap.

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