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//How to be…

How to be…

Cowboy Cody for Halloween!

It is that time of year again, when parents throughout the nation scramble to find the perfect costume for the little Trick or Treater in their life.

Last year, I received this awwwwww-inspiring photo from a sweet little California cowboy. This guy’s costume was right on point.

At it’s most simple, Cowboy Cody is all about jeans, cinched with a belt sporting a shiny belt buckle. There must be cowboy boots and a collared, button-up cowboy shirt. The crowing glory? A cowboy hat.

How incredibly gorgeous is my Australian friend Hamish in his Cowboy Cody costume?

To really get the essence of Cody, remember his trademark…one leg of his pants tucked into his cowboy boot.

Cody is an All-Around Cowboy

Everyone knows that Cody works hard at all of his events, which allows us to highlight either his ‘Roughie’ or his ‘Timey’ side.

Roughstock Cody

If your ‘Cody’ is in the Bull Riding or Bronc Riding mood, add a leather glove and a protective vest. Channel the action and excitement of Mutton Bustin’ by adding a helmet and some streaks of ‘dirt’ on ‘Cody’s’ face and clothes.

  • All roughstock cowboys have a riggin’ bag for their gear. This might be a good way to hold all that Halloween Candy!

Timed event Cody

Maybe your ‘Cody’ has a hankering to hang out at the timed-event end of the arena?  Make sure ‘Cody’ has a rope. Nothing is safe when Cody has his rope in hand!

If he is in a Team Roping mood, don’t forget the cotton roping glove.

Is your ‘Cody’ a Tie-Down Roper? Every TDR needs a piggin-string!

Perhaps your rough-tough cowboy is a Bull-Dogger? Un-tuck his shirt on one side. and add rip in the shirt from a wayward longhorn . Add some streaks of ‘mud’ and ‘dirt to ‘Cody’s’ face and clothes.

  • Don’t forget your rope bag to hold all that candy when you go trick or treating!


To really ride this Cowboy Cody costume past the 8-seconds…focus on the details

First, why not add in Cody’s ever-present companion, his Dog? Cody’s dog is a Basset-hound which is pretty cool. Everyone knows that rodeo people love dogs, so put a leash on your canine companion and let them join in the fun! Note that extra rodeo-dog points are awarded if the dog is a Jack Russel, Mini Aussie, Border Collie, Heeler or a Wiener Dog!

**Super-duper bonus points if you can somehow add a horse, bull or a sheep for Cowboy Cody to ‘Ride’.

To take the costume to the next level…it accessorize

• Spurs

• Chaps

• Wild rag

• Back Number

There you have it, some tips and tricks to help inspire you.

Be safe out there, and make sure to check your kids candy before they eat it. When giving out candy remember that some children have food allergies, so have some alternatives on hand for those kids.

Happy Halloween!

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