If you don’t ask, the answer is ALWAYS no

//If you don’t ask, the answer is ALWAYS no

If you don’t ask, the answer is ALWAYS no

First things First

Things are getting exciting as Dane and I are putting the finishing touches on the illustrations for Book 2 (Title TBA). Woohoo! Here is a sneak peek at one of the illustrations in the new book.

Once again, Dane Larocque has outdone himself, and I am convinced that we have hit another home run! I am so excited to release this book! Can you guess the setting ?

Not much longer folks!

In the Meantime

While I get ready to launch Book 2, I am working to market Book 1 in the USA, Australia and Canada on Amazon. The book was recently added to the Amazon sites, and is up and running as of late last week.


One thing I have discovered quickly is that it is really easy for a book to get ‘lost in the crowd’ on Amazon. Really easy. This is where you come in….


We all know that the number one best way to generate more business is through word of mouth.

If you, or someone you love has enjoyed Cowboy Cody, please consider taking a moment to follow the links below to one (or both) of my Amazon sites to leave a review for Cowboy Cody. You don’t have to buy anything, just leave a review for the book.

Books essentially ‘move to the top’ based on the traffic they receive, and one important element is product reviews.

Note that if you don’t have an amazon account, you can’t do this, so you’re off the hook 😊

If you do have an amazon account, please take a moment to log on and find Cowboy Cody. This will give Cody a huge boost on a platform that hosts nearly 2 MILLION titles.

I have included a list of key words and phrases below that will also help get those Amazon algorithms doing their thing!

I would be so grateful for your help!

Becky 😊

Here are the direct links to my pages. Take your pick Canadian or American Site.





Keywords/Phrase Suggestions

Kids Books
Toddler Books
Children’s Books
Stories for Kids
Horse Books
Bull Books
Sheep Riding Books
Mutton Busting Books
Mutton Bustin Books
Rodeo Books
Rodeo Kids
Horse Books for Kids
Bull Riding Book
Bronc Riding Books
Bareback Riding Books
Roping Books
Team Roping Books
Rodeo Events
Rodeo Boy
Rodeo Girl
Little Britches
Cowboy Kid
Rodeo Kid
Ranch Kid
Little Cowboy
Award Winning Book
Bestselling Book

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