Cowboy Cody Series Package


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Grab the whole Cowboy Cody Bundle to triple the fun for your cowboy kid. The bundle includes:

Book 1Cowboy Cody reveals themes of perseverance and good, old-fashioned cowboy ‘grit.’

Book 2Rope, Sleep Repeat is an uplifting story that touches on the risks and rewards of making new friends. This story will build a bridge to helpful conversations with kids about why bullying happens and how kids can drive it away.

Book 3Cowboy Cody Rides Again. Cody finds himself in a situation that didn’t turn out as expected. Through a disappointment in the rodeo arena, he learns to see how good things can come from bad things. This story will help children look for the silver linings.

All three stories will spur young readers to saddle up, rope their dreams and always enjoy that victory lap.


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