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Rodeo Royalty

Across North America, contests are held in communities of all sizes to crown a smart and talented cowgirl as the local Rodeo Queen. During their reign, the winner and her princesses are granted the honor and privilege of representing and promoting the lifestyle and tradition of rodeo.

My local rodeo, the Brooks Kinsmen Pro Rodeo, does something pretty special.

Each year, the committee holds a ‘Little Britches Rodeo Queen Contest’ in conjunction with the local rodeo. This activity is for kids ages 4-6 and has been widely enjoyed by generations of little people. This June there will be a new little queen crowned, but until then our reigning 2016-2017 Little Britches Rodeo Queen is Piper Yule. Piper is one of Canada’s most talented up-and-coming trick riders.


Just another day at the office for Piper Yule!


Also in 2016, the contest included a local child of First Nations decent. I thought this was pretty cool. This sweet little princess rocked her colorful First Nations Regalia throughout the contest. As I watched the contest and the diverse group of cowgirls, I was so proud to be Canadian. This gave me an idea for the addition of a new character to Cowboy Cody. I wanted to create another young character that children could relate to. Here is a picture of me and Telissa during the contest last year.


There are no better ambassadors to the sport of rodeo than the Queens and Princesses who represent their local rodeos across the country. The Grandaddy’ of them all here in Canada is the Miss Rodeo Canada Contest held at the Canadian Finals Rodeo each November. Representatives from Canada’s biggest and best rodeos compete for the title of Miss Rodeo Canada. Other famous contests for Rodeo Royalty are the Calgary Stampede Queen Contest and Miss Indian Rodeo contest. I just couldn’t write a book about rodeo without including the Rodeo Royalty. Rodeo Queens are role-models and mentors for our children and they proudly represent the sport of rodeo across the nation and around the world.

I will wrap up by sharing this remarkable illustration by artist Dane Larocque from Cowboy Cody. This is his representation of the lovely Rodeo Queen leading the way for her Little Britches Rodeo Queen sidekick. The Queen proudly carries the flag of our great country during the Grande Entry of the rodeo in Cowboy Cody.

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