The Secret Sisterhood of Rodeo Moms

//The Secret Sisterhood of Rodeo Moms

The Secret Sisterhood of Rodeo Moms

Some of my best friends are rodeo moms. I can’t tell you how special they are to me. I have such happy memories of spending time with these friends as we raised our kids. As I write this, the nostalgia is so tangible and the memories so thick, I can almost taste them. These friendships were organic and gradually grew through conversations and experiences that stretched on for years. The friendships we developed are close and sustained through continual interactions, shared experiences and common goals.

One good friend recently described it as a ‘secret sisterhood’, and I think this is such a beautiful way to describe the familiarity, faithfulness and loyalty of rodeo moms. We care deeply for each other and for each other’s kids. Rodeo moms sort of ‘adopt’ the other rodeo kids, and care for them like their own. This dynamic of love and support creates a ripple effect which is felt for generations.

This year, nearly 20 percent of the contestants at the Canadian Finals Rodeo are kids who have grown up alongside my two boys. These are the much loved children of fellow Rodeo Mom’s. I am super proud that our youngest son, Devin, is headed for his second CFR. He will be joined by friends he has known since childhood. I cannot wait for CFR 2017, because in my mind, I have over 15 of my own kids competing there. I have felt the same way for Junior Rodeo Finals, High School Finals, College Finals and all of the great Semi-pro Association Finals. No matter which bleachers you are watching from, it is great to see these kids achieve their goals. If you are going to be in Edmonton on November 8th and 9th, I encourage you to take in the Rank Mini Pony Canadian Classic and the Future Champions Rodeo at Northlands. See if you can pick out the Rodeo Moms, watching their little superstars with pride.

So – let’s take a moment to celebrate the awesomeness of the Rodeo Mom! They will be so busy celebrating for their kids that they may forget the huge part they played in getting them there. Rodeo Moms tend to underplay their impact, but they are one of a select few, who truly know how long the road is to the CFR.

When pondering this blog post, I had a little fun and wondered what a ‘job description’ for a rodeo mom would look like? After I had finished, I have to admit that it might not be the first job that the average person would apply for! This is done with the input of about twenty members of my ‘Squad’ of rodeo mom’s over the past week or so. As you read through this, know that not every rodeo mom does EVERYTHING on this list, but they all do MOST of them!

Happy trails everyone – I hope you enjoy!

PS – In a future post, I will share some of the beautiful pieces of advice, reflections and funny stories that were shared as a by-product of this exercise. So awesome!




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